What is a Paintball Gun?

What is a Paintball Gun?

What is a Paintball Gun?

The increasing popularity of the paintball game signifies that the game fulfills the basic human instinct of survival and struggle. The extreme sport of battlefield and elimination using paintball guns is a perfect mix of adrenaline-pumping thrill and fun. Beyond fun, players learn how to build strategy, plan, executing tasks, manage team, confidence, communication, and above all, the much needed physical fitness for survival. Everything is remarkably great, that too with maximum safety.

As the name suggests, the paintball game is all about using a paintball marker to eliminate opponents within the defined boundary of the battleground. So, what is this paintball gun? Is it just a toy gun or something more? It is definitely not a toy gun, but a replica of real-life guns with all possible functionalities except the power to kill. Modern paintball gun manufacturers are producing masterpieces to make game playing more thrilling.

What is a Paintball Gun?

Go, grab a gun that matches your gaming style and format, and learn the art of war in the most practical way. But before that, you should know…

What is a Paintball Gun?

Just like any other gun, the core identity of a paintball gun also is to fire shots. This uniquely designed device uses compressed gas to propel balls in the desired direction to hit the target at high speed. The goal is to eliminate opponents by tagging or marking with paint-filled gelatin capsules. These capsules burst on hitting the target and leave marks, meaning the target has been neutralized.

So, a paintball gun is a meticulously designed device to fire specially designed paint-filled balls to hit the target.

With the evolution of the game since the 1980s, now there are several variants of the paintball gameplay. Rules, battlefield layout, and theme of the game might vary, but one thing that is common across all formats is the Paintball game. Keeping eye on evolving game format and increasing level of expectation manufacturers are launching advanced and sophisticated guns suitable for each type of gameplay and style.

The quality and effectiveness in terms of accuracy of the paintball gun is the most important factor when it comes to winning. So, buy the best paintball guns suitable for your role as a player and keep it in good shape to get the best out of it.

How Paintball Gun Works?

Paintball guns look, more or less, like real-life guns with some design enhancement to bring in an element of fun and vibrancy. The shooting device is attached to a compressed air source, from where paintballs get force to propel in response to the trigger pull.

From a tree marker device of lumbers, paintball markers covered a long journey to be a sophisticated weapon for a thrilling gameplay. Imagine any functionality of real guns, and you will find them in modern paintball guns. Apart from traditional CO2, now you have HPA and other compressed gas options to get the more brutal force.

Most of these guns are designed to fireballs at an average 90 m/s, which is perfectly safe for gameplay if fired from distance. Despite all safety standards, one needs to follow instructions to remain safe from misfires. You should use all possible safety gear, especially paintball mask, to avoid any serious injury to eyes and other body parts.

Types of Paintball Guns

Depending on technical advancement and functionalities, paintball guns could be classified into three basic types, namely pump, mechanical, and electronic.
Pump Paintball Guns: This is the first variant of paintball guns, not so popular now. The manual operational requirement of these guns makes it feel like old, but these are known for their accuracy and reliability. Some ace players love it for its classic feel and control.

Mechanical Paintball Guns: These are most popular these days as these give basic automation in firing one shot per trigger pull. Easy maintenance and simplicity of filling CO2 or compressed gas tanks make it a hot favorite. Most of the machine guns feature blowback design, which could be either inline or stack-tube design.

Electronic Paintball Guns: Electronic paintball guns are getting popular among players in recent years. Powered by battery, these guns use an electronic solenoid to fireballs. The soft trigger and electronic control give you an amazingly hire rate of firepower. Added features like laser markers help in improving accuracy. You will have the option to select firing modes, like burst, ramping, full auto, and others.