Top 10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping – Complete guide in 2020

Top 10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping – Complete guide in 2020

Top 10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping – Complete guide in 2020

Online shopping may give you the safest, easiest, and fastest shopping experience on the condition that you act smartly. At present, your shopping is a matter of several clicks on the mouse or a few taps on your smartphone. In this era of eCommerce business, you have to be careful about the online scammers who can create trouble if you cannot act wisely.

Usually, the scammers collect your personal data like password, birth date, debit, and credit card information from the website you are going to shop and sell it to the third party. Sometimes they hack your bank account and social media account and cause much trouble for you. Many online shopping websites sell the personal information of the customer to the third party only to make money. So, a customer should be aware of providing information to online shopping websites.   

The scammers and hackers are like pickpocketers who will snatch your goods and valuable assets with some clicks of their computer. To avoid these fraudulent activities, I suggest you follow some tips and tricks while shopping online. 

Top 10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping


1. Use a secured Internet Connection while shopping online. The first and foremost thing is that you must use a secure internet connection.  In Bangladesh, the government declared a free Wi-Fi zone in many places like railway stations, colleges, universities, public transport, etc. You can use them freely but I suggest you not to use them for online shopping purposes. It is possible that you are being monitored by the man beside you. If you have to use it then use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to keep your privacy safe.

  1. Use a secure eCommerce website that you can trust Thinking about online shopping? Choose a well-reputed company like chef cart and go to their website. See their user ratings and read some product reviews. These will help you make a good decision. You can identify a secured website by looking at the website address. All website address starts with https://. Here ‘s’ means safe. If you find a web address missing ‘s’ then it is not safe for you and you may consider for any other options. You also can find a secured website by looking at the padlock that is located in the left corner of the address bar.

You can click on the padlock to see the certificate issues of a website.

  1. Create a strong password while creating an account in an online shopping website If you made up your mind for online shopping and chosen a well-reputed online shopping website (such as chef cart) for that then I would suggest you create an account. Set such a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. A strong password includes uppercase, lowercase, number, and symbol. You can use a sentence as your password as well. You should not use a password in more than one accounts. Remember that a password is your personal belonging that cannot be shared by anybody and in any situation. A weak password makes your account vulnerable to hackers and scammers.
  1. Use a safe payment method

Consumers should choose a safe payment method while shopping online. You should choose an online shop like chef cart which supports all the safest payment methods existing in the country. You should choose an online shopping platform like chef cart that supports COD or cash on delivery. I f you want to make the online payment then you can choose a credit card that is safe and reliable than any other payment method.


  1. Beware of too many discounts or offer Many online shopping platforms offer a lucrative discount on their product which seems incredible. You should maintain a safe distance from these online platforms and their offers. Because a discount is offered on the product with lower quality. These types of companies are proved to be a fraud in the long run. So, I suggest you buy a product from an online platform at a reasonable price and with good quality so that both the sellers and the buyers remain happy.


  1. Get well acquainted with the policies of the seller. If you want to buy online, I will suggest you to know the refund, return, exchange, and shipping policies of your seller. If their policies are flexible enough and consumer-friendly then you can keep them in your consideration. If their policies are ambiguous then you should handle them tactfully. You should look at the sellers’ privacy policies as well. Some sellers sell the customer’s private information to market research companies. That is why you have to read their privacy policies.


  1. Remember to log out after purchase. If you have finished your purchase from an online shopping website then you must log out of the website. So that intruders may not have access to your account. In this way, you can have a safe shopping.


  1. Have a record of your purchase order. When you purchase something, you should keep a record of them. After placing an order, you will get a confirmation letter with the details of your transaction. You should save this document on your computer or take a print out for future references. In this way, you are likely to do a safe shopping. This will help you trace the delivery status of your order.


  1. Update your operating system and antivirus regularly. You should not use a backdated operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, etc. while shopping online. You should use updated operation systems like windows 8 or 10 that receive security update regularly. Besides, update your operating system regularly that will protect you from harmful malware viruses. You also need to keep your windows defender and other antivirus software up to date. You should keep your windows firewall settings on.


  1. Finally, clear the history, cash, and cookies from your computer after shopping. If you make an online purchase using a public computer, then you must clear the history, cash, and cookies so that your information remains safe from the next user. Finally, you must log out of your account to protect your account from being misused.



The availability of computers and smartphones and the rapid growth of internet service brought about a revolutionary change in the field of eCommerce or online shopping. In this busy life, people have no time to go for shopping physically and manually. Especially the office going people have no time for shopping. Today both men and women become busy with the development activities of the country.

So, they were in search of an alternative way of marketing physically. The online shopping platforms like chef cart and daraz took the shopping responsibility of these people.  They are working hard to reach every doorstep of the people and upgrade their security system. Though some of the online shopping platforms have a difficult payment method, they are working heart and soul to solve the problem. Besides, a lot of international business giants are coming to this sector to invest. Therefore, we can hope that this online shopping sector will see a better future in the days ahead.