Best Tamper Evident Packaging Materials for Wholesale Eyelash Boxes

Best Tamper Evident Packaging Materials for Wholesale Eyelash Boxes

Best Tamper Evident Packaging Materials for Wholesale Eyelash Boxes

Small cosmetic products such as wholesale eyelash require protection since such small products can easily tamper during the shipment. If you have products that need protection, then tamper-evident packaging is a must-have for your business. There are various types of tamper-evident packaging materials available in the market. Using tamper-evident packaging materials is a wise option since it ensures that your product will be delivered safely to your customer. Moreover, you and your customer will know if the product has been tampered with.

Over Wraps

Over wraps are pieces of plastic film. As the name suggests, these wraps are wrapped around the product or product’s box and sealed with heat or adhesives. For example, the cellophane plastic wrapped around the box of cigarettes is a form of over-wrapping application. Over-wrapping ensures cleanliness, protection, and quality of the products. The best part about over-wrapping is that different colors, patterns, and designs can be printed on the over-wraps for branding purposes. Over wraps is a perfect tamper-evident material for custom eyelash boxes with logo. However, due to the boxes’ design, it is not as functional as the tamper-evident sticker.

Lidding Films

Lidding films are one of the most commonly used tamper-evident packaging materials. The lidding films are often found on yogurt containers and medicine containers and are mostly made of plastic and metal. However, due to the increased sustainable practices, it also comes in bio-based materials. These are sealed around the edges and are removed by a tab which protrudes out from the lid. Some lidding films also use MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), which indicates whether the product is fresh or expired.

Induction Seals

Induction Seals are usually found on the pill bottles. These are made from induction heating thermoplastic materials. Induction seals are among the best tamper-evident substrates, alerting the customer to the potential tampering if the seal is torn or removed. These are perfect for ensuring a longer shelf life of the product since these keep the products safe from being leaked and preserve the product’s freshness.

Tamper Evident Tape for Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo

Tamper evident stickers or tape is perfect for small boxes of the wholesale eyelash. It is utilized as a security seal for shipping pallets, boxes, crates, and other types of containers. If you have applied the tamper-evident sticker on your custom eyelash boxes with logo, it cannot be removed without triggering tamper evidence.

Re-sealable Stand up Pouches

These pouches initially made a splash in the B2C sector. The pouches are known for their shelf appeal. This flexible packaging material has come a long way and is considered one of the favorite packaging material for countless products. The meteoric increase in popularity of resealable stand-up pouches stems from being easily branded with vivid colors, eye-catching aesthetics, and saving money because of less shelf space.

These are a few of the commonly used tamper-evident packaging materials. Please reach out to the packaging experts at The Legacy Printing in case of any queries regarding packaging materials. Make sure to select your tamper-evident material, which is appropriate for your product. The use of tamper-evident material has recently increased due to the increased number of reported tampering cases in e-commerce. Therefore, look out for any signs of tampering before purchasing a product (primarily through e-commerce platforms).