Steps to Follow for Cracked iPhone Screen

Steps to Follow for Cracked iPhone Screen

Steps to Follow for Cracked iPhone Screen

Accidents happen. It is unavoidable. Say your iPhone slipped and smashed on the ground. Now you are left with a cracked screen and you have no idea what to do next. Fret not! We are here to help you out.

If you have a damaged cracked iPhone screen and don’t know how to deal with it then follow the steps that are listed below. We will take you through a step-by-step guide that can help recover your cracked iPhone. Yes! The guide also involves DIY repair attempts which you can do by purchasing iPhone screen replacement from the best suppliers that also sell bulk iPhone parts wholesale prices.

Just bear with us and follow the steps diligently.

Step #1 Stay safe and retrieve the damaged iPhone carefully

You have to be careful when retrieving your iPhone and preparing it for the fix or repair process. When an iPhone screen shatters or cracks then chances are a few sharp shards might be poking out.

You may cut yourself when retrieving it from the ground and that’s the last thing you want in this situation. If the iPhone is cracked then pick it up carefully and put it in a safe spot until you figure out the later process.

However, if the screen is completely shattered then use clear packing tape to put it over the screen and pick up all the shards carefully.

Step #2 Assess the level of damage

Now that you have retrieved your iPhone safely it is time for you to see how much damage has occurred. Is it a minor crack? Or a bit more than that?

If the level of damage is minor then it might be worth taking the damaged iPhone to an Apple Store to see whether an exception can be made, however, the probability is extremely low.

Physical damages as such are not covered by Apple and even if you have AppleCare+ some service fee will be involved for the repair or fix. However, there are other ways to repair your phone other than taking it to an Apple Store.

Step #3 Finding the best repair option

The most important step is searching for the best repair option and getting your cracked iPhone fixed. You have a handful of repair options available when dealing with a cracked iPhone screen. Some of them are included below.

·   Apple Store

As mentioned above, if you have AppleCare+ benefit then you can easily drop your phone there for the fix. Typically, Apple charges $29 for cracked iPhone screen repair. But if you don’t have the AppleCare+ benefit then the repair services may cost you way more at Apple Store.

·   Local iPhone Repair Store

The other option that you can choose for repairing your cracked iPhone screen is visiting your local iPhone repair store. As Apple products are extremely popular there are several iPhone repair stores popping up these days.

However, if you decide to get your iPhone fixed at a local repair shop make sure you carry out research to find out the authenticity of the store. Go through some customer reviews to analyze the performance of the store.

·   DIY Repair

Well, if you do not trust anyone else for the repair and want to take matters in your own hands then the DIY repair is your next option. Get relevant iPhone repair tool kit and a replacement iPhone screen from the best iPhone repair parts suppliers, who by-the-way also sells bulk iPhone parts wholesale prices. And get started fixing your cracked iPhone.


Follow the above-enumerated steps diligently and fix your cracked iPhone. Don’t panic and take control over your actions to repair the damages and recover your iPhone in no time.