3 Reasons Why Subscription Box Packaging Is Important

3 Reasons Why Subscription Box Packaging Is Important

3 Reasons Why Subscription Box Packaging Is Important

The trend of this has grown very quickly in online retail channels and with huge competition as well. A study revealed that 15% of subscription boxes get discontinued while the other 40% of customers canceled it.

The reason is that the success of the subscription box business model demands a loyal customer base as they set a very high standard. The two major reasons for detachment amongst the consumer is having a bad experience with the product or lack of providing value for money.

To summarize that, the success of the subscription boxes is related to not only the nature of the service but having a USP to offer. Consumers love surprises and perks with their products and this keeps the brand going in the market as they can retain and attract new customers.

When you start paying close attention to both the content of the box as well as premium packaging of it, the first impression will be a positive one. Let’s talk about the three major importance of them:

1.Good Experience for The Consumer

The appeal of subscription boxes creates an enjoyable experience for the consumer before they even get to reach the product. The product remains the same no matter where the consumer is getting it, the same can be purchased independently from any shop or other merchant’s website but what they can’t experience is having a curated box and exploring the content.

A good subscription box promises an unmatching unboxing experience that the consumer wants to repeat regularly. This ritual becomes even more special on various occasions when the custom packaging is done for the consumer while fulfilling the order process making it a much more memorable and unique brand experience.

2.Brand Recognition

The competition in the world of subscription boxes is very high especially with the rise of globalization. Hence, it becomes very important to make your subscription box looks stand out with a unique brand imaging and not copying someone else’s style as it will drop your ratings and people will get confused with it for some other brand. Take plenty of use of every inch of the box and make it stylish reflecting your brand information.

3.Friendly Content

The subscription box of almost every brand out there has one thing in common and that is a strong visual appeal. The reason being the importance of social media these days and how it has emerged out as one of the biggest platforms for promotions of subscription boxes out there which tells us that the content on Instagram is worthy.

You will miss the chance of making an impact when the package arrives and your consumer is getting a feel of having received another ordinary box while holding it in his hands. Put in some dedicated efforts in your subscription box to create a visual pleasure and some eye-catchy online content for your brand. A study revealed that subscription box packaging has a major role in the pitching of your brand.

While you are choosing the correct format, make sure to keep these things in your mind-
  • While planning out the design of your subscription box, make sure you don’t get too carried away and always keep the cost in mine because the custom packaging element increases the total cost. If your business is in the initial state, start with basic yet beautiful things like affordable brand stickers and tape for the designing which you can always revise based on the order volume.
  • The turnaround time is necessary to keep in mind and they are influenced by the frequency of the services like weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If the frequency of your boxes going out is more, it will require faster turnaround time to keep up the pace, meeting all the process requirements including production to shipping which makes it easy for the companies or business of any scale to have the perfect subscription box packaging.
  • An important aspect and relationship to maintain are with the supplier who fits your needs and you can trust their consistent, high-quality product keeping the turnaround time.
  • If your customers aren’t receiving the product in one piece and functional state, it is damaging your brand value. Revise the subscription box packaging regularly for any flaw or update needed. You will need custom boxes for a huge range of products you are offering where protection will play a key role.
  • Shipping costs depend upon the weight as well as the size of the box as it is taken into consideration by the postal services meaning that the packaging adds up considerably to your shipping costs.

The use of plastic has decreased by 65% over the last few years as plastic pollution has been the mainstream coverage and consumers are getting aware of their selections accordingly. They have switched to such brands who are more environmentally friendly. Keep the usage of plastic as low as possible in your packaging and take a healthy step towards the environment.