Preparing for Motherhood with the Right Tools

pottery barn l Preparing for Motherhood with the Right Tools

Preparing for Motherhood with the Right Tools

You are already pregnant, and things are looking good. Your baby is developing fast and you are quickly reaching the final days of your pregnancy. The new addition to your family is awaited by everyone and they all have their presents read to greet your child. However, you know that you need to do a lot more and get your house ready to accommodate its new resident as well. Whether you are thinking about the needs of your child at home, or outside, being a parent means being ready. You must make sure that you have everything you need for every single occasion, so your baby is not deprived of any of its needs. To do that, you look at baby books, catalogs, and so much more to get ideas.

The truth is, this is pretty much the same routine for any new parent to be and it is not surprising. No one can prepare us for what comes when your baby is born and the only thing you can do is try your best. However, to make sure you do manage to give it your best, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal. Babies, unlike adults, are very fragile and rely on us heavily. Therefore, we have come up with some of the things that we think every parent should invest in to make their jobs easier. One of the best places for getting all those things in our opinion is Pottery Barn and with a pottery barn UAE promo code you can get some great deals.


When it comes to your baby’s safety, it is always important to have them covered constantly. This is not just for when you have the baby in your arms. The protection babies need has no time out, so you have to do it 24/7. The only time of relaxation that you can get is when the baby is sleeping. However, while you may be lying down to get a few Zs yourself, leaving the baby unattended can feel a little concerning. The best way is to leave them well protected in a good quality crib. With its high walls and comfortable bedding, your child will enjoy sound sleep for long hours, and you will also be at peace about putting your kid down for a while.

Of course, cribs are a lot more than a house with a high ceiling for infants, a good quality crib can last you for years and even multiple kids. Even after they grow up, your children need to have some sort of protection around them, so they do not harm themselves. A crib is a great place for them to sit and play even if you are not there to supervise them. Pottery Barn provides some of the best crib options in multiple styles and materials. Choose the one you like and simply use a pottery barn UAE promo code to get yourself a great deal.

Changing Tables

A lot of people simply ignore the importance of a changing table and just use their beds to change their babies. However, once you use a changing table, you start realizing that it is something you desperately needed. A dedicated changing table can do so many things for you, the most obvious being to protect you from the dangers of bowing down to change your baby for too long. Apart from solving back problems, changing tables are a great place to store all your baby’s accessories. They also make the space look beautiful because of the beautifully unique designs they come in. You can find many great options at Pottery Barn and use a pottery barn UAE promo code to get some great deals.

Outdoor Gear

Taking a baby outside the house for the first time can feel quite daunting. However, if you have all the right tools at your disposal then you have nothing to worry about. There are so many things that you can choose to improve your outdoor experience with your baby, but some things are simply essential for every parent. Here are two things that we think you should invest in.

        Accessories bag: You need to carry things like diapers, wipes, and other sanitary materials whenever you are traveling with babies. Having a proper storage option to put all that stuff in an organized manner is important. This is why we highly recommend investing in a good accessory bag to carry your complete baby travel kit.

        Stroller: A good stroller will relieve you of the duty of holding your baby in your arms constantly and will also double as storage for things you buy when out shopping. Make sure that you have things like swivel tires, good shock absorption, and large storage covered to get the maximum benefit.

The world of baby products is endless, but the ones mentioned here are a must-have! Make sure to use your pottery barn UAE promo code to get some amazing deals on all these items!