Makeup Ideas with Devil Contact Lenses

Makeup Ideas with Devil Contact Lenses

Makeup Ideas with Devil Contact Lenses

Devil is a common and part of our society which is existing for centuries. They are known for their unique features and evil roles. Most parents scare their children by telling them if they do bad things, the devil will come and punish them, whereas for elders, it’s a Satan. There are different angles and perceptions from which you can look at a devil, but one undeniable fact is that devils are the most hyped-up character on Halloween. People love dressing up as a devil and wearing costumes and makeup to look like him. If, by any chance, you want to look like a Satan or have a glam yet witty devilish look, wear devil contact lenses and brush off your look with devil costume, horns, and makeup.

About Devil Contact Lenses

You must be wondering what devil contact lenses or how do they appear. Well, they are red in colour and have black eyeballs. So, your eyes look totally on fire, and you can burn people and turn them to ashes with your devil eyes. They help you have the Satan eyes and polishes all your weird and freaky looks in the best way ever.

The Wow Factor

Devil contact lenses give you the wow factor and help you stun everyone. They are unique lenses as they are not of one shade, unlike bloody red contact lenses or blackout contact lenses. And neither are they full eye coverage. They feature two colours, black and red, whereas your natural white part of the eye remains uncovered. Hence, it’s three coloured eyes with Devil contact lenses. Isn’t it amazing? No one knows what your natural eye colour is; after all, you are a devil, and you are supposed to be bizarre and exciting to the extent that people can freak out.

Makeup with Devil Contact Lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses are mostly to create makeup looks or for transformation purposes. The same is the case with Devil contact lenses. You can use glam makeup ideas or go for scary looks by applying makeup and face paints. If you a makeup freak and want your look to be on point, then here are a few makeup items and accessories you need to stock before trying out the transformation.

  • Devil contact lenses
  • Foundation
  • Face paints
  • Glitters
  • Lip colours
  • Horns
  • Hairbands
  • Colour palette

If you are all set, let us move on to the incredible makeup looks you can create with Devil contact lenses.

Gloss, Glitters, and Matte

You need to pay special attention to what kind of makeup look you want to create, as you have so many options to choose from. If you want your makeup look to last longer, then go for matte makeup and deep shades. Your makeup will last for at least 8-12 hours easily. If extreme isn’t your thing, then go for a dewy and glossy makeup. Apply liquid eyeliner, tint, and glossy foundations, etc. If both of these are a big no for you, then you are the real glam queen. Splash glitters all over your face, especially eyes, and spread your magic.

Makeup Looks to Create with Devil Contact Lenses

Here we have listed the top makeup looks that you can easily and quickly create with Devil contact lenses. There is no master science behind creating a devil look! All you really have to do is let out the inner artist in you and paint yourself as if you are the canvass.

Have a look at these amazing makeup looks and ideas;

Red Devil:

To create a red devil look, slip into an all-red costume. It is better to go with an off-shoulder maxi outfit. Once done, paint your face, neck, and all visible body parts red and draws a black scaly pattern all over yourself. Apply white eye shadow over your eyes and wear Devil contact lenses. You can also add fake nails and accessorize with the help of horns to polish off your look.

Dressed up Devil:

If you are more of a glam queen person, then you can dress up to be the most refined version of the devil. Don a maxi outfit in black or red colour and apply deep coloured nail polish. For your makeup look, apply a natural-looking foundation and use highlighter all over your face. Don’t go overboard with the makeup and apply red gel lip liner and eyeliner. Be all glossy and glittery and rule the kingdom. Don’t forget to wear Devil contact lenses.

Angel cum Devil:

Angel and devil, together? Many people would not like this option, and this is precisely why we want you to try it out. Stand out amongst everyone! What you have to do is dress up half as an angel and half like a devil. Put on soft makeup on one side of your side and edgy makeup on the other side. In the same way, style up your hair and wear Devil contact lenses. This look will pretty much speak for itself. But if you want to elevate it, even more, wear two coloured maxi or costume.

Frightful Devil:

What’s the charm of Devil contact lenses, if you can’t get your look together, right? So, be all frightful and horrifying. Wear devil contact lenses, a freaky costume, and get started with the makeup. Start with your eyes and put on burgundy and black shade makeup all over it, make sure to blend it well. Opt for a black lip colour, preferable in matte so it can stay for long. For the rest of your face, draw a scaly or grain pattern over it in rust and red shade. You can wear your hair in multiple braids and add fake scaly horns to complete your look.

The Devil Brows:

You can play a lot with your colours and brows if you want grunge and devil inspired makeup look. Do nothing much and put all focus on your eyes, crease, and eyebrows. Start with wearing Devil contact lenses and put on black winged eyeliner. Apply a cut crease black and red eyeshadow and intensify it by applying eye glitter. Draw the devil arrow or tail around your eyebrows, and you are all set to go.