How can you gift a concert ticket to your younger brother

How Can You Gift A Concert Ticket To Your Younger Brother

How can you gift a concert ticket to your younger brother

Your younger brother’s birthday is coming up and you are trying to find the perfect birthday present for him. It seems like your brother has everything he needs and you just can’t think of something special. After a lot of thinking you just realized that the concert of your brother’s favorite artist is coming up in a few days and maybe you can take him to that concert? Or may you can gift him the concert ticket? Sounds interesting, right? If your brother is really into music and loves to go out at the concert then gifting him a concert ticket will surely make him feel special. So looks like you have cleared the first stage i.e. finalizing the gift but now you have to think of a way to gift him the ticket like how you can really surprise him. Well, let us help you with that. 

Ways to gift a concert ticket:

There are many ways you can gift a ticket to your loved ones, the most common one is obviously wrapping the ticket in an envelope or a beautiful box and give it to your brother on his birthday but if you are living in a different country or you just want to spice things up then how about gifting the ticket in a digital manner?  Yes, you can gift the ticket online, and let us tell you how:

  • You can use social media for this purpose. As people love to wish each other on social media platforms with different memorable pictures and videos, you can do the same by posting a picture of a ticket and telling your brother that this one is for you. It will surely surprise him.
  • But posting a picture of a ticket on social media may or may not be safe as anyone can replicate the ticket and then it will not be useful for your brother. Maybe you can just write about the ticket without posting its picture? But it will kill half of the excitement, right?
  • You can also try sending them an email with ticket details and pictures and telling them you just bought this ticket for them however it seems way too formal.
  • Another way is to send them a message telling them “hey I got you a ticket for the concert you have been looking forward to”. You can send them a picture of the ticket as the messages are private so no fear of someone replicating the ticket.

For sure all of the ways of gifting a concert ticket stated above are appealing and you can try them if you want to. However, there is another way of gifting a ticket online and that is through Sell Ticket. First of all, what is Sell Ticket? And secondly how you can use this platform to gift tickets? Let us brief you on that.

What is Sell Ticket?

Sell ticket is the best digital ticket selling platform in the UK and is the perfect place for buyers and sellers. You make your account, post your ad, get the perfect buyer, and make the sale easily. Once your ad is posted our digital expert team monitors the ad constantly and promotes your ad on various social media platforms to increase your chance of sales. Our platform is really easy to use but even then if you get stuck somewhere then we are more than happy to help you. Now let’s move to the “how” part. 

How to Gift Ticket through Sell Ticket?

Selling your concert ticket, theme park ticket or any gift voucher is really easy if you are doing it through sell ticket, however, you can also gift the ticket to someone using our platform by following some simple steps below:

  • Make your account.
  • Search for the event you are looking for. After you have found the event ad, check out the sellers selling the ticket.
  • Choose the ticket you want to purchase. 
  • After purchasing the ticket you can transfer the ticket to another person.
  • As you want to gift the concert ticket to your brother then enter his details and address.
  • Once you have entered the details, click the Transfer button.
  • And that’s it, you just gifted the ticket to your brother.

Isn’t it easy? And we are sure that once your brother gets the notification of a concert ticket being transferred to his name, he will surely get excited and will be really delighted for this cute surprise by you. This option is the best especially when you and your brothers are living in different countries or cities and you just can not make it to his birthday to surprise him in person. 

Well, we hope you liked our ideas for gifting the concert tickets online, and just like us you also think that the Sell Ticket option is the best one; as it is easy, quick, and serves as a perfect surprise. So stop thinking, get registered with us, and gift that concert ticket to your younger brother already.