EDIFIER TWS NB2 – Review And Buyer’s Guide in 2020

We are introduced to the best EDIFIER TWS NB2 true wireless earbuds, these earbuds are most selling and demanding in 2020.

EDIFIER TWS NB2 – Review And Buyer’s Guide in 2020

Hello everyone, I am now briefly about the EDIFIER TWSNB2 wireless headphones. I would like to start by unpacking with standard information. Not everyone knows – but I don’t like this brand. I had no luck with their products before, as a result, the sediment remained. And as I never tire of repeating, I only talk about them if the manufacturer provides me with their products.

So, without Tz – only facts. Headphones are sold in two colors- Black & white. I will not unpack it to make it more pleasant for the winners. The box is like jewelry, not a very expensive item, but original.

There are no chemistry aromas. On external packing – the main cue is code. Using it, you can download the program for controlling the headphones. Ideally, as I said, there is the animation in the headphones. But on all phones that I have, it works every other time and so quickly that you barely have time to notice the picture.

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Talking About Features And Specification

The kit includes instructions, a type- C charging cable, a carrying bag, and two pairs of interchangeable ear pads. Everything is a super economy. The instruction is in Russian, rather meager, but useful. The ear cushions of course need to be changed. The length of the sound guide for attaching the ear cushion is 3 mm, width is 6 mm. Full length 7 mm.

From these numbers, I think it is clear that even passive noise insulation is super here. If you can stuff them in your ear. Boxing Leather-like material. I did not like it. Although the box is assembled with high quality. Weight without headphones is 40 grams, it is inconvenient to carry in your pocket, but they will not accept it for another item.

You can open it with one hand, though it is hard. With strong shaking, the headphones dangle inside, but I could not open the lid with a shaking.

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Talking About Shape And Dimensions

The dimensions of the box are 55 mm by 67 mm and 30 mm. The box has two indicator diodes – one for the charging cable to indicate the charge, the second inside the box for indicating the connection. Plus inside the button – to begin the pairing method of the headphones.

The box is charged only via the type C cable. No wireless charging. The backlash at the lid is minimal. The case recharges the headphones twice. The case is charged in 1 hour 30 minutes.


Headphones – metal plus plastic. overall they look great to me.

There are proximity sensors that worked pretty well for me. Strength against condensation and dirt is natural IP54, but you can not be scared of light rain. One earpiece weighs 6.1 grams. Inside Bluetooth version 5.0, but the drama starts with little things – they work with android only on the SBC codec.

Touch control is tolerant, the program can adjust the sensitivity, but the functions are at a minimum (there is a switch from active noise reduction mode to normal mode and vice versa, or from transparency mode to normal mode), answering a call, rejecting a call, activating and deactivating the game mode with a declared delay in 80 ms.

Single press and hold are not active. The headphones are fully charged in 1 hour 20 minutes. The automatic connection of headphones (together or separately) when removed from the case works generally quickly and without interruptions. Inside 10mm drivers. The noise reduction should ideally cut off 40 dB, it does not work out super, and when it is activated, the only bass remains. Sadness in transparency mode, I didn’t like the noise of the headphones.

Ear autonomy – with activated noise reduction, five and a half hours at 100 percent volume, at 50 percent seven hours. The headphone charge is visible in the shutter. With custom ear pads, headphones fit into the box. Application. In it, you can see the charge of only the headphones, activate the noise reduction and transparency modes, adjust the sensitivity of the sensors, the proximity sensor, and the game mode.

I hope they will finish it. On the stability of the connection – a lot depends on your phone. I had nothing critical during my work. Dumps were not observed. There were micro freezes, but not often. The latency in games and YouTube in game mode, according to the manufacturer, is 80 ms, it feels like there is no noticeable delay in games and YouTube.

EDIFIER TWS NB2 Sound Quality

Sound – in normal mode, I have no particular nagging about them. And the volume with a decent margin, at maximum speed, does not wheeze. The bass is resilient and enveloping. I haven’t heard such a bass for a long time. The mids are correct and the sound is balanced. The high frequencies are not accentuated, but at the same time, they are not cut off.

The sound is multi-level – all instruments are distinguishable. The scene draws surprisingly well for this form factor. Minuses. No flipping tracks back and no volume control. Do not know the remaining battery power of the box. No multi-connection. The transparency mode is poor. Noise reduction spoils the sound quality.

When activated, the only bass remains.


No fast charging of the box and headphones. On sales, you can buy profitably, and there are enough reviews. To summarize – I recommend these headphones for the sound. Although the sound with an iPhone is no worse than with any of my phones on an android. There are different codecs, and even the SBC codec can carry very decent sound.

For activated noise reduction – in my top 5 for active noise reduction, the link to which you see in the upper right corner of these headphones would not get. But by the totality of qualities – I tell them Yes. I remind you that I will play three pairs of these white headphones on the 30th. Thank you for reading this article! to the device yes or no benefit no will answer! Good luck, dear friends!