CircCurer Staples Device A Novel Circumcision Technique

CircCurer Staples Device A Novel Circumcision Technique

CircCurer Staples Device A Novel Circumcision Technique

The surgeon is always making efforts to make sure that the surgical procures quicker, safer, and minimally painful. Many different devices are available that have made surgeries easy; still, perfection has not met yet.

Critical Points To Know About CircCurer Staples Device

People when come for their Adult Circumcision Surgery ask the doctors about the various devices and techniques that they have. The latest device that has been introduced is the CircCurer Staples Device.

What Are The Benefits Of CircCurer Staples Device?

If you do an in-depth analysis of the conventional and new devices you will find out that the later will give you the following benefits.

  • Less time for the procedure.
  • The feeling of pain is less.
  • The loss of blood is minimal.

How Much Time For Recovery?

According to surgeons the healing time of this device is longer than other methods. Any kind of rigorous exercise and swimming has to be avoided for at least 3 weeks. The overall healing time is within 5 weeks.

What Are The Healing Tips For CircCurer Staples Device?

Make sure for faster healing of the penis you sleep on your back. Eating healthy will be great for healing. Also, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for a few weeks.

What To Do Before Adult Circumcision Surgery?

Four important things are expected to be done on the part of the patient when visiting clinics including Circumcision Center for selection. Selecting the kind of anesthesia, deciding for the cost, consent of the patient, and whether to have full or partial circumcision.

Appropriate Method Of Using CircCurer Staples Device

Initially, this method was created for young boys of the age of 16 but it was used on many adults as they were afraid of conventional adult circumcision surgery.

Unbind Adjusting Knob

This device is like a gun that has a knob at the back which has to be unbound so that the device could be opened properly.

Remove The Glans Bell

After loosening the back knob the glans bell can be completely removed. It is in the shape of a bell that is attached to a long rod.

Lose The Staple Device

This is a round ring that can also be taken out so that it can be adjusted afterward.

Place The Glans Bell On Penis Tip

First, the foreskin covering the tip has to be pulled and the glans bell is placed on the tip. The foreskin is then covered on the bell.

Place Gun On The Foreskin

Then the ring is placed on the tip of the penis and the gun on it. Passing the rod in the gun and emerging from the backside.

Clench Adjusting Knob

Rotate the back knob and tighten it to secure the glans bell.

Triggering The Staple Device

Just like a gun pull the trigger so that the ring comes fastened on the bell. Then adjust the back knob again and release the trigger.

Remove Every Part Of Device

The Adult Circumcision doctors have to wait for 30 seconds or more so that the skin is cut properly. Otherwise, the patient may feel and loss of blood is more than expected.