best checklist for moving your potted plants without hassles


The breathtaking beauty of your home planters kept in your backyard is incomparable to any decorative items you own. House plantation is not what you think of just sowing & watering your potted plants, it is much more than that as you have to take care of them like a small child. But unfortunately, most people get their planters damaged or broken while relocating to a new address as moving potted plants is a very tedious task. You must be taking the best care of your house plants but can you rely on your packers and movers for their safe handling? Of course, there are a lot of concerns when you are relocating your precious belongings with any moving company as most of them are unprofessional and only focused on making money from their customers.


You just can’t handover your nurtured plants to unreliable packers and movers service providers. For moving your potted plants with all the care they deserve, you must get a checklist ready to ensure their safety when they’re being shipped to the destined address. Note down these key pointers of our checklist for moving your potted plants with zero hassles and uttermost safety:


Get some consultations from local florists: Take some tips from local gardeners or florists to learn ways to pack and handle your plants as safely as possible. You can discuss the right methods of displacing your potted plants without breaking even a single stem or leaf or flower as they are very delicate. And when it comes to packing your plants, florists better know how to keep them alive alongside covering them up entirely during the move. Having words with local florists will surely get you the best ideas to move your houseplants in the easiest way possible.


Do the right packing of plants for added safety: There are some important things that you need to keep in mind to protect your delicate plants while packing and moving them. Do you know while shifting plants during the cold season, packers and movers make sure that plastic bags are wrapped around the packed cartons of water plants to avoid the seepage of moisture down to the lower surface of cardboard boxes as it will weaken its base. They further suggest creating small holes on both sides of the carton as a passage for proper ventilation and moisture. Don’t forget to mark the cartons as “PLANT FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” or other indications.


Know the rules of plant packing first: Considering the suitability of each plant you have, you are supposed to pack them appropriately using the right type of packaging material. You can use damp newspaper to pack cemented pots of water plants and plastic packing sheets for plastic pots. To protect stems, leaves, & other parts of plants, cover them up with a thick paper molded in the shape of a funnel.


If your potted plants are tall & their leaves are larger than you can tie and pack each of them using a paper funnel. Place all similar plants of the same size & pots into a single box if possible. Also, don’t forget to keep cushion paper in between the potted plants so that they won’t crash each other during their transportation.


Be ready for the final day of shifting: After loading your home plants safely with the help of packers and movers, cover their top area with a newspaper to provide extra protection to them from weather effects. Plants lose their natural freshness when moved openly either in hot summer days or harsh winters. Therefore, you need to shield your plants completely by keeping them covered so that they remain safe from hazards of the season.


While moving your plants with other household goods, you will be asked by truck driver or transportation to submit your certification documents for the movement of potted plants from one city to another. In addition to this, you are always advised to load your plants at last once you’re done with the loading of other goods to be moved. Make sure that other pots are aligned in the vertical position and not tipped over each other.