An era of Grillz

An era of Grillz

An era of Grillz

The emergence of custom hip hop jewelry can be traced back to the end of the 90’s when they were still called ‘bling bling.’ The hip hop grillz for your teeth can cost from hundreds to tens of thousands, basically allowing you insert a tailored creation. Not all grillz are permanent, though and most of them act like flashy mouthguards.


Whatever your preferences for precious stone or metal, the grillz will take your accessory game to a great new height of majesty. 


Here are a few reasons why you should buy grillz:


Understanding Grillz Teeth –

Grillz teeth came into popularity especially in the hip hop industry because of bling movement in the 1980s. When you hear bling-bling, one immediately thinks of frosted necklaces, thick, shining chains and grillz for a good reason.


The hip hop legends like Jay-Z rocked the bling first, showcasing their worth and power to the world. Considering the history and the habits of kings and queens as well as other royalty to sport jewels and displays of great wealth, it’s not so novel.


Bling in Pop and Hip Hop Culture

When rappers and other people in the hip hop industry started to refer to jewelry as bling, it developed a connotation as elaborate jewelry meant to display great wealth. Necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets and bracelets aren’t enough, either.


The elaborate jewelry made their ways when hip hop icons turned from a single golden tooth to a whole set of diamonds. Grillz are fixed or formed into a mold to fit around your teeth permanently. The gold, silver and diamond teeth seem very unique additions.


All in all, grillz is turned out to be a key example of wealth and status in the hip hop industry. This trend has carried over through the decades and is still prevalent in the industry currently, displayed in rappers like Kanye West and Lil Wayne. One of the main reasons why custom hip hop jewelry became a thing is because it symbolizes allegiance to a group-much like a dog tag, only fancier and shinier. There’s the Roc-A-Fella group, which was co-founded by rapper and entrepreneur Shawn Carter who gave out exclusive Roc-A-Fella chains to special people, mostly artists who have signed under his label. This includes Cameron, Wale, Freeway, and J.Cole. Basketball star Lebron James was also given a chain for his friendship with Jay Z. Mrs. Carter herself, Beyonce, also got her fair share of bling.


Aside from showing their allegiance to hip hop, artists and celebrities also use custom hip hop jewelry to show their status. Everyone can buy a car, a nice house, or throw parties, but nothing screams ‘wealth’ like custom hip hop jewelry. It’s hard to beat Lil Jon and his Crunk Ain’t Dead chain, which was cited in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest diamond chain. Custom hip hop jewelry is not just about the amount of money spent on it but the ingenuity and creativity poured into making it, too. Having custom pieces made just for you shows that you are at a level where you can collaborate with prolific contemporary artists, and thus have the right connections. Take Kanye West and his Murakami Jesus piece-it’s just like commissioning Picasso in the 1920’s to make you a pendant. 

Style and branding are also inherent in custom hip hop jewels. Hip hop artists and rappers express themselves by what they wear and no outfit is complete without custom hip hop jewelry. Grillz is a type of jewelry that is worn over the teeth.


Grillz Teeth are no simple investment.

When you can see, grillz are the type of hip hop jewelry that can be worn by just anyone. They need a lot from a buyer including a hefty amount of money. You should budget appropriately, ask the right questions and make sure to give your investment the proper upkeep with time.


The Types of Grillz Available Today

If you’re looking into getting your own set of hip hop grillz, you should consider your options available. Most notably, you should consider whether or not you need a permanent or removable set and know how much you’re willing to spend.


You should consider shopping online or nearby store and you may come across pre-made grill inserts for your teeth. Usually, this is a mouth guard type of tray made from precious metals and made to fit almost any mouth.


The cost here is guaranteed affordable than a custom set, but the main catch is you won’t get the comfort or signature tight fit that you would otherwise. Other than that, you won’t get to customize the design and overall look of your own set either.


Ultimately, custom hip hop grillz are the fun accessories; but wear them responsibly. Make sure you are very much aware of handling your teeth and gums. Clean your grillz properly every time you wear them to get rid of complications to maintain your dental health.


A lot of people are being influenced following these stars and their style to wear this custom jewelry. You can also purchase these Online Gold Teeth Grillz at an affordable rate to look alike or trendy. It is always fun to go with the trend and when you have options then why not?